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Elsa Stansfield was born in 1945 in Glasgow. From 1962-1965 she studied at Glasgow School of Art. Stansfield then went on to study photography and film at Ealing School of Art & Design, London and Film studies at the Slade, University College London. In 1980 the artist moved to The Netherlands where she became head of the department Time Based Media at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht until 1991.


Madelon Hooykaas and Elsa Stansfield worked together from 1972 until the year of Stansfield's death in 2004, the artists were based in Amsterdam and London during their collaborative years. In 1975 the artists began collaboratively making video-environments, from 1980 to the early 1990Ìs Hooykaas and Stansfield were producing videotapes, video-installations, video-sculptures and sound sculptures and in the last decade of their collaborative practice they realized interactive installations and outdoor sculptural works.


In 1996 Stansfield and Hooykaas were awarded the Judith Leyster Oeuvreprize for their body of work, and in 1999 the their CDROM 'Person to Person' was awarded the Grand Prix for New Media at the Split Film Festival.




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