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Giny VOS

Key Works


12 Sculptures with Surveillance (1988)

Video Installation


Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam 1988

A Statue for the Attendant

 This project, developed for the Stedelijk Museum in Schiedam, invades the whole museum. Large or very large wooden sculptures placed in the museum rooms create the word ‘watch’ on the security monitors of the hall of the museum. The letters look two-dimensional, but turn out to be three-dimensional when the visitors walk through the rooms and over the wooden forms. The opening was performed by twelve attendants from various museums. (GV)



Bien Trouvé (1989)

Video Installation


Arnhem; Museum of Modern Art.

In the middle of the cupola in the Arnhem municipal museum, five images of Dutch Realists on monitors are placed around a large, tall (1.25 m) round table. These self-portraits of Carel Willink, Charley Toorop, Edgar Fernhout, Chris Lebeau and Dick Ket (chosen from the museum collection) are accompanied by snatches of the sound of an orchestra tuning up and the buzz of people chatting. As we watch, the portraits gradually change into their own mirror images. (GV)



Work To Do (1985)

Video Installation


Macroniplein Rotterdam 1985

Through an arrangement of the lighting in the various units, I managed to illuminate the words ‘work to do’ in the windows of the three tower blocks of the Europoint Complex, Marconiplein, Rotterdam. This text became gradually brighter as the evening grew darker and was, because of its favourable location, visible from a great distance. (GV)



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