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PDF of Interview with Klara Kuchta in June 2016/March 2017 for EWVA.

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Born in 1941, Klara Kuchta studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Decorative Arts in Budapest from 1961 where she graduated in 1968.


Her research in the field of plastic art and painting developed into murals  and tapestries. She then moved into conceptual art which led to her into the creation of video artworks.


In the 1980s, she began to use of light (laser, UV, infrared) in her artworks by creating sundials and light installations along the themes of new vision and the concept of sacred light.


In 1997 she produced a monumental clock with a sundial-laser in Geneva, Switzerland.


She regularly participates in international ART and SCIENCE interdisciplinary symposia (a collaboration with the University of Geneva).


She has an interest in using creativity for environmental protection.


Her works are held by various private and public collections.







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