EWVA European Women's Video Art


EWVA European Women's Video Art in the 70s and 80s

Edited by Laura Leuzzi, Elaine Shemilt and Stephen Partridge


EWVA European Women's Video Art in the 70s and 80s is the main output of this research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and based at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. The research team consisted of the Principal Investigator, Professor Elaine Shemilt, the Co-investigator Professor Stephen Partridge, Dr Laura Leuzzi, as Post-Doctoral Researcher and Adam Lockhart as Media Archivist.


The book retraces some of the stories of early women artists video experimentation in Europe, and their achievements, and features chapters on fundamental case studies of early video artworks, themes, genres and geographical areas, to interest curators, academics, artists and the general public. This publication aims to contribute to a reassessment of women artists involvement in early video art and strength their profiles and identities within the art historical canon.


Authors include: Jon Blackwood, Maeve Connolly, Cinzia Cremona, Sean Cubitt, Malcolm Dickson, Catherine Elwes, Slavko Kazunko, Marika Kumicz, Laura Leuzzi, Adam Lockhart, Stephen Partridge, Lorella Scacco, Elaine Shemilt, Emile Shemilt. The book will be opened by an Introduction by Laura Leuzzi, with a Foreword by Laura Mulvey and Preface by Siegfried Zielinski.


Published by John Libbey

Distributed by Indiana University Press

Publication date: 01 August 2019

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 978-0-86196-734-6


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In the mirror: the pioneers of video in Europe between identity and representation

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The Leading Thread: Video, Media, Installation A conversation with Federica Marangoni

Interview by Laura Leuzzi and Elaine Shemilt with Federica Marangoni in Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus

Vol 12 No 1, Mestizo Technology: art, design, and technoscience in Latin America




Early Women Artists’ Video Art in Italy: An overview

Paper by Laura Leuzzi in n.paradoxa international feminist art journal

vol. 38 Polemics / Contestations (July 2016) pp. 66-73 (KT Press)




Embracing the ephemeral: lost and recovered video artworks by Elaine Shemilt from the 70s and 80s

Paper by Laura Leuzzi in online Journal 'Arabeschi' Volume 7




Media Art: Towards a New Definition of Arts in the Age of Technology


Pistoia: Gli Ori, 2015


Editor: Valentino Catricalà


Body, Sign and Double: a Parallel Analysis of Elaine Shemilt’s Doppelganger, Federica Marangoni’s The Box of Life and Sanja Ivekovic´’s Instructions N°1 and Make up - Make down.

by Stephen Partridge, Elaine Shemilt & Laura Leuzzi




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