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Annegret SOLTAU

Key Works


Schwanger Sein (1979/81)

2m 2s



This video consists of a performance in four parts during my first pregnancy. The particular phases are without cuts with fades-in and fades-out. The pictures are in black and white. They show my physical and mental state as well as my fears and doubts as a woman and an artist. Simultaneously I created cycles of multi-part photo works of the specific phases, which had the particular position/action as initial motif.

(Annegret Soltau)



Körperlandschaft (1986-91)

2m 21s



This video shows bodies merged with synthetic colours; this generates associations of body parts overgrown by moss and nature, but At the same time, these colors suggest threatening toxic materias that surround the body. Tonal variances increasingly disturb the rhythm; image sequences are repeated to suggest cycles of breathing in and out.

(Annegret Soltau)

Erinnerung (1980)

6m 32s



Erinnerung [Memory] is part of Soltau’s Schwanger sein II (1980) a follow on

from Schwanger sein [Being Pregnant] (1979—81). These two series explored Soltau’s experiences of being pregnant; her changing body, her fears both as a woman and an artist. Distinct from Schwanger sein this later series opened up the socio-political aspects of pregnancy alongside the artists lived experiences. Erinnerung portrays the memories of Soltau’s mother who gave birth to her shortly after WW2 in Lüneburg, Germany. The video contains references to threads which are prevalent in Soltau’s other artworks,

most notably in her photo montage work. The video was produced at ECG-TV- Studio, Frankfurt. The series was displayed as an installation of nine CRT monitors embedded in large photos of Soltau’s pregnant body at Kunstverein Frankfurt in 1983.

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